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The marketplace is changing. Most consumers now find the goods and services they need online. Studies have shown that almost 96% of all clicks as a result of searches are to the sites on the first page. If you’re not on page one, sorry, you have almost no chance. On page one, the #1 ranked site gets about 45% of all clicks down to the #10 site which receives less than 3%.


Gain an Edge with SEO Services

A typical search engine query will result in thousands upon thousand of search results; they’re ranked from most relevant to least relevant, based on the keywords you entered in your search. No one is going to sift through several pages of search results, so if your website doesn’t rank in the top ten, it will be virtually invisible to your potential customers.


SEO will boost your search engine rankings for maximum visibility and maximum traffic. In a brick and mortar location, you would draw in business with bold signage or a great display. The right SEO techniques do the same thing for your website; they attract customers and get them to visit your site.


Why Should I Hire Someone?

Every business owner knows the importance of cutting costs; the less you have to spend, the higher your profits can be. Doing the work yourself instead of hiring a job out can save you significant money, but the “do it yourself” option can sometimes cost you more in the long run. SEO has the potential to greatly increase your return on investment, especially when you hire a professional who can do it the right way.


You have a business to run. Unless you’re in the website development industry, your business knowledge probably doesn’t include writing code and SEO methods. Focus on running your business instead of spending your precious time figuring out how to implement SEO strategies. Your SEO expert knows how to do the job. He or she can determine the best SEO methods and implement them correctly to get you the online visibility you need.


Why Choose SmartRank’s SEO Services?

You will find dozens of SEO providers online, ready and willing to take your money. Like any other business decision, it’s important to focus on the potential return on your investment; what are you getting for what you’re spending? If our SEO Agency cannot get your site top 10 rankings for your primary keywords in Google within three months of starting your campaign, there are no further charges for our SEO Service. After six months, if first page results are not achieved, we will even refund your first three monthly payments – every penny. That’s how confident we are that we will bring you the results we promise.


Compare our performance based SEO company to competing firms with ranking guarantee programs, and it is easy to see that our program is the best offer available. Other SEO Agencies charge clients for 2nd page rankings, or for ranking for their secondary keywords, or for only ranking in Bing or Yahoo. From our stand point, if your website isn’t on the first page of Google for your main keywords, we do not deserve to be compensated.


How Does Our Internet Marketing Company Compare to Other Online Marketing Agencies?

Our Internet Marketing Agency is different from most of our competitors in the online marketing industry in that we offer a guarantee on all of our SEO services. Very few online marketing agencies, whether they are full-service marketing consultants or only specialise in SEO, will put any sort of guarantee on a page one ranking.  We are able to put a guarantee on all of our online marketing services, because we know what works. Also, many internet marketing companies will try to tie you in to a 12 month contract.


We offer month-to-month online marketing services, and although we offer page 1 rankings guaranteed, the vast majority of our clients achieve much higher rankings. We ensure that all of our clients rank as highly as possible, because we are aware that a top 10 ranking doesn’t necessarily guarantee any sort of online marketing success. Typically, the click through rate of a website with a  top ten ranking may only receive 2% of the estimated monthly searches. Our aim is to achieve at least a top 5 ranking, above the fold, for all of your search terms, so that your internet marketing investment with us proves profitable.


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